2017 Team

Rectors Kevin & Jeannie Snyder
Assistant Rector Carol Newton
Assistant Rector Freda Perdue
First Assistant Rectors Ernie and Mary Lemmert
Conference Room Pastor Sue Klimstra
Ideals Freda Perdue
Habitual Grace (Pastor)  
Laity Charles Bogaard
Actual Grace (Pastor)  
Piety Evie Vos
Study Brenda Schippers
Sacraments (Pastor)  
Action Al Vander Linden
Obstacles to Grace (Pastor)  
Life in Grace (Pastor)  
Christian Community Brenda Sperr
Grace in Action Kent Whitmore
Perseverance Kevin & Jeannie Snyder
Fourth Day Carol Newton
Table Leaders  
Auxillary Table Leaders Cary Smith
Conference Room Musician Mary Lemmert
Audio/Visual Dale Davis
Palanca Pastor Mary Roozenboom
Palanca Rectors Scott and Jackie Wildeboer
Chapel Rectors Bob and Dort Kampmann
Cleaning Rectors Ken and Janna Ver Meer
Dining Room Rectors Mike and Dawn Aalbers
Kitchen Rectors Don and Dorothy Faidley
Cooks Paul and Dee Van Zee
Cook Marjorie Vande Wall
Cook Jim Sperr
Events Coordinator Janna Ver Meer
Mail Donna Bogaard
Palanca Room Musician Donna Aalbers
Palanca Room Musician Ellen Van Wyk
Photographer/Admin Kathy Boot
Prayer Banner  
Snacks Linda McMartin
Supply Trailer Jeff and Carlyn Zentner